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The International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)defines an environmental impact assessment as “the process of identifying,

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Energy management includes planning and operation of energy-related production and consumption units. Objectives

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We provider of energy project solutions to meet the needs of domestic, commercial and industry. We provide the following solutions:

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GREEN RESOURCES Co. (GRC) is a leading company in the Sustainability, Environmental, Agriculture and Mining, aimed at supporting the green business revolution across Africa. GRC was started in 2008 then operating as Green Innovations, which then consolidated various other environmental and consultancy operations, leading to its incorporation by the Registrar of Companies, under the Companies Act (2003) in 2011, by its founding directors and current shareholders. Today the Company is spearheading as a Specialist firm by providing Products, Services and Solutions in the Green Business arena. Over the years the team has acquired vast knowledge and expertise in; Environmental Management, Conservation Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES GRC is currently supporting Grassroots Support Foundation (GSF) financially and expertise to facilitate a range of developmental initiatives which include promoting community members’ socio-economic development by providing training for improved agricultural production through conservation farming, the use of renewable energy, adaptation and mitigation measures against Climate Change and Environmental issues . Vulnerable members of the community are involved, including community leaders, women, unemployed youths, the disabled, the sick and elderly (including the hunger stricken and destitute); to realize food security and nutrition among others and improved access to portable water and sanitation. Health including HIV/AIDS; Gender mainstreaming (equality) promotion and Environmental concerns. GSF had been targeting certain areas in Zaka, Mazowe area and Odzi.


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